I am a Master of Business Informatics graduate with several work experiences in Ireland (Dublin), France (Toulouse), Singapore and I am currently working as a Delivery Consultant at Cerner UK (London).

I am responsible for the Design, Implementation, Audit and Troubleshooting of the Patient Registration Solution (ERM). The Delivery Consultant (DC) plays a critical role in the delivery of Cerner’s solutions to clients. A key function of the DC is to understand and carry out analysis of the Cerner solution workflow and follow this process to system build and testing. The DC is an important point of contact with the client over their needs.

My short-term objectives are to use and develop my technical knowledge within a dynamic environment and to expand on my international experience.

Very motivated, creative and flexible, I am always open to new opportunities and new challenges.

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Blog description

I created this blog for:

  1. Giving news to my family and friends,
  2. Sharing what I can see, eat and do.
I am really glad to see you here, don’t hesitate to give me your feedback on anything via comments.
By clicking here, you will see my travel map. I tried to pin most of the places I have been. You may find pictures related to these places in my blog. Have a look !

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Pictures & Videos

When I was young, my parents used their SLR every time we travelled. This black box, heavy, meaningless, which some times produced nice pictures. Even full of imperfection I was delighted, fascinated.

Everything went easier with the DIGITAL era! Every single person is a photographer. The only thing that didn’t change is to be at the right place at the right time.

Here is what I do…

All post with PICTURES:

All post with MOVIES:

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