Nicolas Grymonprez

The reason behind this blog

Before leaving Cerner in September 2023, I was managing initiatives within our team. One of them was to replace our OneNote pages by a wiki / knowledge repository. We looked at multiple frameworks and ended up using Hugo as this was used within other organisations and it already had support. Setting one repositery up was complex, but I was hooked on trying it myself.

This project restarted after seeing I wanted to create something similar, and maybe become a template for anyone wanting to track data freely available online.

My first step was to create this blog using Next.js and this tutorial. I wanted to host this blog on Github and using Github actions to publish the static pages. I used the following post to achieve it and be able to test a CI/CD workflow.

My next steps will be:

  • Create a new page (Resume, Visa data), and menu
  • Create a cronjob extracting data similar to visawhen
  • Display the information
  • Create a scheduled workflow to re-deploy the static pages