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I finally got an AWESOME job. I am going to be a delivery consultant at ****.


**** is an international health care information technology corporation (visit the ****).

This job starts with a 3-month training in Kansas City. After my training I will be relocated at London, which is very cool. I had have the opportunity to go there several times and I really like this city. I am sure by starting my career in this city I will know more about it!

I had to select between 4 different companies located in 4 different cities. Toulouse (where I had been studying), Nice (with its beautiful côte d’azure), Paris (the lovely capital) and London (The Queen’s capital). The jobs were interesting, but when it comes to find a job and to select one you need criteria.

Mine were:

  • International (multicultural, english speaking environment because of my internships),
  • IT and management (my studies, MIAGE),
  • Communications (from a previous experience).

The ****’s one give me a great opportunity, an interesting challenge and the best job to get to my professional project. I selected ****.

One other big question was: What about my friends? I have friends in Nice, Toulouse, Paris and London.

As I have been abroad during my studies and my internship I did not spend so much time with them. And I am going to continue…  However the good thing is: IT IS MORE INTERESTING TO VISIT A FRIEND ABROAD, AM I RIGHT?



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