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Unplanned trip to Malaysia:

Our trip to Tioman island started on Friday evening, and it happened at bit like this:

  • Elsa and I took a bus from ST to AMK MRT station at 1830pm,
  • Elsa and I took the MRT to Kranji MRT station,
  • Elsa, Anthony and I took a bus to the Singaporean boarder,
  • We took a bus to the Malaysian boarder,
  • We took a bus to Johor Bahru bus station,
  • We took a cheap bus to Mersing (11,5 RM) at 1130pm,
  • We found a hostel at 2am (the one we specified on our boarding pass),
  • We woke up at 6h30 (15 minutes more than a normal day for me),
  • We bought boat tickets,
  • We arrived on the Island,
  • We walked through the jungle (7km = 2h) to Juara to find another hostel,
  • We found it,
  • We enjoyed our time snorkeling, swimming…
  • And we came back.

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