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Hi you.

the 28th of March is my arrival date in Singapore.

My first week was very intense because I had to find an accommodation. But I managed to find a nice room with 4 very good flatmates (2 Chinese, 1 Irish and 1 German).


I know it is a little bit pink. But It is not soooo bad, isn’t it?

I have been in Singapore for ! month and 2 days now. I visited quite  a lot of things, but surprisingly for a 700km², there is still something to do.

I have been to:

  • Malls (it’s a (s)Mall city as well as a fine city)
  • Chinatown
  • Little india




  1. Cartier ?Mais tu fais de la pub !!!

    • Haha je ne l’ai jamais vu écrit que comme ça, merci pour ta vigilance :P

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