I am a Master of Business Informatics graduate with several work experiences in Ireland (Dublin), France (Toulouse), Singapore and I am currently working as a Delivery Consultant at Cerner UK (London).

I am responsible for the Design, Implementation, Audit and Troubleshooting of the Patient Registration Solution (ERM). The Delivery Consultant (DC) plays a critical role in the delivery of Cerner’s solutions to clients. A key function of the DC is to understand and carry out analysis of the Cerner solution workflow and follow this process to system build and testing. The DC is an important point of contact with the client over their needs.

My short-term objectives are to use and develop my technical knowledge within a dynamic environment and to expand on my international experience.

Very motivated, creative and flexible, I am always open to new opportunities and new challenges.

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I am currently working at Cerner


nicolas grymonprez

Name: Nicolas GRYMONPREZ

Age: 24

Birthday: September 29th 1988

Nationality: French

College: Université Paul Sabatier

Major: IT & Management (MIAGE, url:

Contact me:



French (Native)
English (Professional working proficiency)
Spanish (Elementary proficiency)
Swedish (Elementary proficiency)



Master’s degree in IT and Management (MIAGE) - 2011

  • Linköping University, Linköping, Sweden.
  • Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France.

Bachelor’s degree in IT and Management (MIAGE) - 2009

  • Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France.

2 year diploma (DUT) in Computer Science - 2008

  • IUT Blagnac, Blagnac, France.


Work experiences

Delivery Consultant - 2012-present

Cerner, London, United Kingdom.

Customize Cerner healthcare IT solutions that improve efficiency in healthcare and ensure better patient care.

- Troubleshooting
- Client facing
- Responsible for the Design, Implementation, Audit and Troubleshooting of the Patient Registration Solution (ERM).

6 month internship – Java engineer - 2011

STMicroelectronics, Singapore, Singapore.

I delivered a solution improving management team efficiency in the approval handling of multiple e-forms. I planned the project, interviewed internal customers, reported my weekly progress and improved my knowledge on J2EE and two frameworks (Struts 2; Hibernate).

- J2EE application implementation
- Hibernate
- Implementing a database
- Planning
- Prototyping
- Deployment of the solution
- Risk managing
- Testing
- Training

10 month part-time job – Salesman - 2009-2010

Orange, Toulouse Balma-gramont, France.

- Client facing
- Continuous adaptation
- Time management
- Meeting sale goals
I always reached and often exceeded my monthly sales goals

4,5 month internship – IT analyst - 2009

Continental Automotive, Toulouse, France.

I delivered two analyses and a comparison on the two existing information systems, in order to highlight major differences for the next step of the project. I used UML diagrams (Use Case diagram; Class diagram; Sequence diagram; Communication diagram). During my internship I planned and organized the project and reported to a German project manager through weekly reporting and fortnightly conference calls.

- High level analysis
- International project
- Project planning

 3 month internship – Java developer - 2008

Institute of Technology Tallaght, Tallaght, Ireland.

I took over an ongoing project and was the main interlocutor for the customer. I delivered an educational software suite which makes understand implementation basics in 4 programming languages to students (flowcharts; Turing machine; pseudo-code; assembly language).

- Reverse engineering
- Java software implementation
- Client facing


6 month project – Product & Sales department manager - 2010

University of Linköping, Linköping, Sweden.

As the Product & Sales manager in a fictive company, I reported the weekly P&S department’s progress to the project manager. I participated, organized and led meetings in order to present our progress and make strategic decisions. One of my tasks was also to motivate the P&S team by being involved and aware of their progress and blocking points. We delivered an ERP accounting module to keep track of the department’s resources and the project’s cost.

 6 month project – HTML, PHP, MySQL, Facebook developer - 2010

Ô Q’Sec, Toulouse, France.

The system’s goal was to develop customer loyalty for the Ô Q’Sec pub with its webpage, by providing functionalities to the pub’s customers and managers. I proposed the website layout, implemented PHP functionalities (managing an e-basket; generating promotional forms including bar codes; managing database communications) and integrated Facebook (creating events; inviting Ô Q’Sec’s Facebook friends).



Integrated development environments: EclipseNetBean, SpringSource.

Programming languages: C, C++, JAVAJEEJSP, COBOL, HTMLPHPDOTNET, Script Shell, SAS.

Frameworks: Struts 2Hibernate.

Business intelligence program: Access.

Databases: MysqlSQL Server, Sqlplus (Oracle), Access.

Analysis methods: Merise, UML.

Project management tools: GANTT, PERT.

Transferable skills: marketing, finance, project management, human resource, international communication.



Now –, I solve mathematical problems during my spare time with Java.

Photography – I enjoy making the right one at the right time.

Traveling – I have lived in Ireland – France – Sweden – Singapore – UK and am keen to add to that list.

Skiing – I am a good skier.

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