Blog description

I created this blog for:

  1. Giving news to my family and friends,
  2. Sharing what I can see, eat and do.
I am really glad to see you here, don’t hesitate to give me your feedback on anything via comments.
By clicking here, you will see my travel map. I tried to pin most of the places I have been. You may find pictures related to these places in my blog. Have a look !

In the following map I will pin everywhere I have been (pin), where I am going (pin) and my current location (pin).

1 Comment

  1. Bonjoir,
    Je me lance pour écrire ce premier message.
    Alors, quelles sont tes premières impressions de Kansas City ?
    Maintenant que tu as une voiture, j’imagine que tu vas en profiter pour faire quelques virées.
    À bientôt

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